Ooolio is a startup within the fashion industry working with the development of an online clothes comparison engine in which we, Applied Technologies supported the internal team with the development of version 0.1 of the platform.

About Ooolio

This is what Ooolio writes about themselves:

Ooolio is an online fashion and eCommerce website that gathers your favourite brands, all in one place where you’re able to select and browse more than 1000 premium brands and 150.000 products.


Ooolio is an eCommerce universe that places the user experience as the most important element of the business. Ooolio provides the broadest and most relevant selection of apparel items online. It is a platform that differentiates from others by letting users engage and interact with apparels they love. You basically find what you need, and not everything else.

How we helped

Applied Technologies helped the company by supporting the company’s internal development team with feature development and realization of their minimum viable product. We supported the company by identifying user stories, creating use cases and defining the technical specifications of the platform which resulted in increases in usability as well as a more technical founded platform.

See the result here:

Visit: Ooolio – Søg blandt tøj og mode online

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