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Our projects are focused on creating visionary value for our customers, straddlingour clients’ technology and business organizations.

Based in Copenhagen, Applied Technologies focuses on creating user experiences people actually use.

Applied Technologies work with organisations in order to create sustainable and valuable solutions that supports our vision of supporting healthy organisations through IT solutions that make a difference. We not only create solutions that help organisations understand their environment, but create solutions that are engaging, dynamic and valuable. Reach out to us to get a quote today.

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Who We Serve

We provide a wide range of services withinIT development and project planning.

Organisational Data

Our vision is to create healthy organisations by supporting businesses and employees alike with tools and platforms that create healthy dynamics and increase effectiveness throughout the entire organisation. Contact us for our cases within organisational health and optimisation.

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Development Contracts

Our skilled developers have helped organisations with improving current systems and developing new platforms to support the visions and strategies for future success. We work with all major platforms, but are specialised in modern platforms to increase effectiveness and reduce cost.

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Health and Design

We focus on creating sustainable platforms for organisations to monitor and develop employee health and satisfaction. By designing solutions that are easy to use encourages organisations to achieve success. Our motto revolves around happiness by design and makes employees central assets.

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