We Build MeaningfulPlatform Experiences

Whomever you are, and whatever your passion is, we have a special spot for you. Applied Technologies are built on the foundation of creating customer centric solutions.


Our vision is built around creating long-lasting sustainable solutions for healthy organisations.

Technology makes things easier and often better. Better can be many things; it can be both faster and cheaper. Digital experiences are all around us, and are rapidly evolving. One thing is certain though, technology is at the core of everything. Thus, our vision is built around creating the optimal digital experiences for our customers and clients.

At Applied Technologies, we focus on improving the quality. When technology addresses specific challenges, it is important that technology not only focuses on solving immediate problems, but establishes the foundation for solving the root cause.

When we use technology, it must create lasting value, among other things through a deeper understanding of the basic premises of the challenge. Only then can Applied Technologies provide a qualitatively better solution for the organisations we strive to help. It requires us to meet the following objectives:

– Clear focus on cause rather than impact
– Deep understanding of the applicability of technologies
– Solid foundation of complimenting skills

That is what makes us unique in Applied Technologies.

Career Opportunities

Are you able to align with our mission? Do you want to be a part of the future og organisations? Then take a look at our career opportunities below.

Office Locations

Our offices are the essence of where we work. We provide services worldwide, but are based out of Copenhagen, Denmark – whom by the way are said to be the happiest people in the world.

Denmark Headquarter

Suomisvej 2-4, 1927 Frederiksberg
+45 40 18 44 34 rlh@appliedtechnologies.dk

Oslo Office

Nydalsveien 33, 0484 Oslo, Norway
+45 60 92 80 03 skj@appliedtechnologies.dk